Digital Telephony

The Next Generation In Digital Telephony Today

Digital Telephony

In the fast-paced environment of telecommunications and internet service, it is fundamental that providers bring innovative and original products to the market. This is especially true of emerging providers seeking to position themselves as a valid alternative to already established competitors (providers?) in the markets. With SAWTEL’s expertise and market-proven hosting infrastructure, our clients can immediately establish themselves as market leaders with unique and innovative products that offer first-class performance, reliability and efficiency. With SAWTEL, our clients have access to IT professionals and services with reliable systems and unmatched maintenance support commitment, performance ratings and customer satisfaction levels.

Sawtel Hosted Solutions

SAWTEL’s suite of telecommunications solutions are one hundred percent digital, carrier- level, IP based voice services that simplify the deployment of Voice over IP [VoIP] networks in untapped markets and ease the convergence of TDM with IP networks. As an additional advantage, these solutions enable the delivery of revenue generating services to varied markets without the attendant costs of deploying costly hardware to regional “points of presence” (PoP).

The cost of deployment is also reduced by aggregating [backhauling] the service infrastructure over cost effective IP networks. Investment is optimized by running multiple services on the same platform. Clients will be able to easily, and more importantly, rapidly, expand into new markets and attract and retain subscribers. As subscriber numbers increase, clients will be able to gracefully scale operations to maintain the most cost-effective and efficient service model that will guarantee a leading position in the telecommunications markets of their areas of service. Sawtel’s services are flexible, feature rich solutions:

Sawtel Hosted Calling Card Services
  • Reduced cost
  • Real-time billing and rating
  • Reseller management and service branding
  • Zero-touch subscriber provisioning
  • Customizable user interface
  • Multiple language prompt sets
  • Self service web portal
  • Online credit card recharge
Sawtel Hosted Broadband Telephony Service
  • Key Line-side Business-Centric and Consumer-Centric calling features
  • Meets regulatory requirements for legal authority access
  • 100% software implementation
  • Scalable carrier-grade solution for high-density markets

The core components of all these Sawtel Hosted technologies are comprised of solution specific application server[s] and, if necessary, media server[s].

Sawtel Hosted Voicemail Service
  • Built on open standards
  • Flexible, scalable message store
  • Feature-rich message access, retrieval, and notification
  • Dynamic mailbox creation
  • Easy integration with other SIP-based services
Sawtel Hosted Conference Calling Service
  • Reduce cost
  • Unattended or assisted conference calls
  • Prepaid/postpaid billing
  • Customizable interface
  • Multiple language prompt sets
  • Zero-touch subscriber provisioning
  • Web-based self service