What’s The One Thing A Business Needs More Than Anything Else? Customers.

A business that has thousands of employees and a business of just one, share a basic need: the need to get customers and the need to keep them. Without them, there is no business. Today’s market place is more complicated than ever and an “aerial view” of what’s available to achieve this is essential. The world turns fast. The business world turns faster. Repeat business grows out of a good first – and second and third – impression. Consumers today know they have more options and because of this, they’re more demanding. Your frontline sales and service people need to satisfy customers with consistency – and that means having the best CRM (Customer Relations Management) tools to work with.

SAWTEL’S Hosted Microsoft CRM™ solution automates day-to-day tasks for sales, customer service, field service, call center, and marketing professionals. It also:

  • Gives customer-facing employees the best CRM™ tools available
  • Empowers them to deliver high-quality service, at all times
  • Increases sales and service performance
  • Lowers training costs
  • Promotes broader user adoption
  • Requires less application-switching
  • Facilitates higher productivity
  • Delivers rapid return on investment (ROI)
Automates day-to-day tasks
  • Increases sales and service performance
  • Lowers training costs
  • Promotes broader user adoption
  • Facilitates higher productivity
  • Delivers rapid return on investment
Common Product Features
Marketing: A clearer view of customers and more informed marketing investments

Segment customer lists into distinct benefit groups and then market to one or more of the identified segments, using a workflow-driven model. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM™, your marketing professionals can leverage tools for:

    • Customer segmentation
    • Campaign planning and execution
    • Data extraction and cleansing
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Marketing/sales collaboration tools
    • Information sharing portals
Sales: Get more leads and close more business

Access a complete view of customer data online or offline, and leverage tools that enable your sales professionals to get real-time access to leads, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and close more deals, faster. Microsoft Dynamics CRM™ provides:

      • Lead and opportunity management
      • Account and contact management
      • Territory management
      • Forecasting and sales analytics
      • Offline and mobile device access
      • Quick access to products, pricing, and quotes
Customer Service: Provide more value to customers

Respond faster to customer service issues and empower your service organization to anticipate, address and deliver consistent, efficient customer care that contributes to long-term business profitability. Microsoft Dynamics CRM™ provides functionality for:

  • Account and contact management
  • Case and interaction management
  • Product and contract management
  • Knowledge-base management
  • Service scheduling
  • Workflow across teams and groups
  • Service reporting and analytics