About Us
Our Mission Statement

SAWTEL connects you to your world through a stable and robust wireless network coupled to a scalable, high-speed, two-way satellite backbone that delivers unparalleled quality and reliability within the telecommunications industry.

Our service begins with an in-depth analysis of your specific communications needs with branch offices, strategic business partners, suppliers, and, most importantly, our customers. Our network and connectivity solutions are designed to meet your unique requirements with the assured protection of the most advanced technologies.

With nurtured relationships and partnerships all around the world, Sawtel is able to provide exceptional long distance service at a fraction of the cost. With an unmatched portfolio of telecommunications products and services, Sawtel is poised to establish itself as the innovative market leader in providing extraordinary quality and service.

SAWTEL “right-sizes” and configures effective, integrated application systems with the lowest possible start-up costs and monthly service charges. We offer rapid and simple delivery and deployment. Our customized training and support plans ensure efficient management and optimization of your network.

SAWTEL develops and delivers these services in strategic technology and business partnerships with leading telecommunications, hardware, and software providers. Experience the ease and power of SAWTEL’s innovative, yet proven, network and connectivity solutions. Get connected to your world today!