Access 2

Access 2™ is a MF-TDMA DTH/O system that enables you to cost-effectively integrate a variety of applications into a single platform in any network topology – mesh, star, or multi-star. Adaptive on-demand bandwidth allocation and bandwidth-efficient coding and modulation engineered into the Access 2™ system gives you cost-effective broadband connections between any Access 2™ equipped sites. Features such as turbo coding and 8PSK modulation provide substantial bandwidth savings, reducing your bandwidth costs in comparison with other solutions. The system provides true network-centric connectivity, integrating seamlessly with your networking applications using IP or frame relay, automatically routing your network data via satellite. IP and frame relay are supported natively on the Sawtel platform and in the same network simultaneously, maximizing your networking options.

Provides true network-centric connectivity, integrates seamlessly.

  • The Most Advanced DTH/O Networking Technology
  • Advanced Internet Protocol Networking
  • Onboard TCP acceleration
  • The IP multicast
  • Advance Frame Relay Networking

The Access 2™ terminal includes an integrated DVB-S2 receiver/decoder which can receive a broadband IP data stream from Sawtel’s DVB-S2 hub, providing efficient broadband star connectivity to a central data source while at the same time providing full-mesh capability. The Access 2™ system, for example, can support bandwidth-intensive IP applications such as streaming video over the DVB-S2 link while supporting intrinsically mesh applications such as VoIP (PBX) over mesh TDMA. In addition, the terminal is now fully interoperable with Sawtel’s Access1™ system, providing a universal, flexible networking solution. The Access 2™ system is used over Sawtel’s fixed satellite radio frequency band. Combined with the appropriate RF equipment for a particular geographic region, the Access 2™ terminal can operate on C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band, or X-band – on loop-back, split-beam, or cross-strapped transponders. Access 2™ can operate on up to 64 non-contiguous satellite carriers, allowing access to any available bandwidth on any transponder on the satellite for optimal use of costly satellite resources.

  • The Most Advanced DTH Networking Technology

    Sawtel, together with its technology partners, continues to offer the most innovative satellite networking products with its Access 2™ system. The Access 2™ terminal builds upon and expands the capabilities of the successful Access 2 2100™, assuming the Access 2 2100’s place as the world’s most advanced mesh TDMA system.

  • Advanced Internet Protocol Networking

    The IP port of an Access 2™ terminal acts as an interface of a virtual satellite-based router. IP packets entering one Access 2™ terminal’s IP interface are automatically routed by IP address and transported to the destination Access 2™ terminal’s IP interface.

  • Quality of service

    Is maintained via differential services-compatible prioritization with six transmit queues. Application-triggered bandwidth allocation ensures bandwidth is allocated to match specific customer applications, such as voice or video.

  • Onboard TCP acceleration

    Removes satellite delay-induced throughput limits. Built-in IP header compression reduces bandwidth required for VoIP.

  • IP multicast

    Enables one Access 2™ site to simultaneously communicate with multiple other Access 2™ sites – perfect for multi-party videoconferencing or distance learning.

  • IPSec transparent

    The Access 2™ terminal can be used with peripheral IP encryption devices.

  • Advance Frame Relay Networking

    The frame relay interface of an Access 2™ terminal acts as an interface of a virtual satellite-based frame relay switch. Frame relay frames entering one Access 2™ terminal interface are automatically switched by DLCI and transported to the destination Access 2™ terminal interface.

  • Access 2™ supports both frame relay PVCs and SVCs.

Access 2™ At-A-Glance

Access 2™ At-A-Glance

  • Full-mesh, multi-frequency TDMA architecture supports any network architecture – mesh, star, or hybrid – with Access 2™ advanced network architecture.
  • Advanced turbo codes and modulation schemes make Access 2™ the world’s most advanced, most efficient mesh TDMA modem. Integrated DVB-S2 receiver provides high-speed download capability from a central site, as well as interoperability with Sawtel’s Access1™ system.
  • Bandwidth-On-Demand. Real-time, dynamically-assigned bandwidth allocation based on actual traffic requirements, integrated satellite router for IP networking with advanced features such as IP QoS, IP header compression, IP multicast, TCP acceleration, and application-triggered bandwidth allocation.
  • Integrated frame relay switch for connecting peripheral frame relay access devices supporting voice, packet data, serial data, or legacy protocols.
  • Mobile networking, at sea or on land, with automatic system acquisition and timing.
  • Network management system with graphical user interface (GUI) web-based PC clients allows secure network control from any location.
  • Corporate and government office interconnect, extensions of public switched networks, videoconferencing
  • Any full-mesh, peer-to-peer network, banks, telemedicine, GSM backhaul, in-theater military networks
  • Any multi-star, hierarchical network, gateway sites, teleports, and tactical entry points
  • Any star network, where each site connects back to a central hub site
  • Broadband access network
  • Any network needing the high-speed connectivity of DVB-S2
  • Maritime networks – Cruise ships, ferries, icebreakers, resource mapping ships, naval vessels
  • Ground-mobile networks – Flyaway terminals, oil exploration sites, disaster recovery teams, interim communication sites, military units